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The Learning Centre provides resources generated through the Origins: Festival of First Nations Learning and Participation programme.

The most recent Festival’s Learning and Participation programme included taking an entire primary school off timetable to experience a week of indigenous cultural activities. A huge range of artists appearing at the festival visited the school, offering both performances (e.g. didgeridoo, traditional dance, Native American flute, storytelling, Scissor dance) and workshops (e.g. embroidery, haka, boomerangs, lacrosse, cookery). Pupils were taken around the British Museum, artists and heritage experts guided them around the Indigenous Australia exhibition as well as other indigenous galleries.

The program also worked with a secondary school’s Modern Foreign Language class exploring Spanish speaking indigenous cultures, particularly Peru. Pupils engaged with indigenous dance, embroidery, food, Quechua language and the history of Peru.

A young refugee group also participated in the program through a series of weekly practical workshops exploring a variety of different indigenous cultural practices and art forms.

To date, there are just the three education packs but these resources will grow in number as more Learning and Participation programmes are run in conjunction with the festival. These will be of particular interest to teachers and educators of history, citizenship, and religious studies, though they each cover a range of issues concerning indigenous and First Nations cultures. 

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